Used Gear Area hosted by Arrow Adventure 

Visit the Used Gear area to shop, consign or donate supported by Arrow Adventure.

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Consign your used gear for a 30% consignment fee and 5% will be donated to the Five Rivers MetroParks Foundation.

Visitors to the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience have a chance to pick up some lightly used outdoor recreation-related equipment and earn some extra cash—which is perfect to jump-start your next new gear purchase!  That unused gear gets put back in action with a new owner and supports the Five Rivers MetroParks Foundation.

We are proud to help support aspiring outdoor enthusiasts get started on their own adventures by offering them the opportunity to purchase used gear as part of our Waste Free Initiative.

25% of all sales will go to Arrow Adventure, a small, woman-owned gear sales and outdoor adventure business in Lebanon, Ohio, 5% will be donated to Five Rivers MetroParks Foundation, promoting conservation, recreation and outdoor education efforts throughout our parks and communities and 70% will be sent to the consignor in the week following the expo.

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Consignment Sales and Donations

Consignment Sales are managed by Arrow Adventure with 5% of the consignment fee donated to the FiveAbout-Foundations-FRMPFoundationlarge-341x500 Rivers MetroParks Foundation. Bring and and tag your items at the Used Gear Area, then enjoy the festival while your gear is marketed to prospective buyers, earning you cash for future adventures!

Have larger loads or gear? Limited vehicle access to the Used Gear Area is available Friday evening from 4 PM to 7 PM. Gear drop off is an option at any point during the festival, but the earlier your gear is dropped off, the higher the likelihood it will be sold during the event.

What’s the process?

  • Gather your gear and get ready to price! You can either bring the gear onsite to list and tag (Arrow Adventure will have tags onsite) or you can do this in advance. For the sake of efficiency, it is advised that this is done in advance if you know you have a large amount of items to sell. Please email to get your consignor number and receive a pdf version of the Used Gear Agreement and Consignor sheet to get started!
  • Arrow Adventure is happy to help with any pricing, or consignors can choose their own prices.
  • Sellers will indicate their preferred method of payment on the intake form – PayPal, Venmo or Check. There will be no cash payouts during the event. Arrow Adventure will send checks or electronic payments by Wednesday October 11th. Consignors will receive 70% of the sales, Arrow Adventure 25% and 5% will benefit the Five Rivers MetroParks Foundation.
  • Gear donations will result in a 70% donation to the Five Rivers MetroParks Foundation and 30% consignment fee to Arrow Adventure.
  • Elect to pick up, donate or leave your gear for Arrow Adventure to consign at their Lebanon location on your intake sheet. All unclaimed items must be picked up by 4 PM on Sunday. If vehicle access is needed, check in by 4 PM and then wait until vehicles can enter the site at approximately 5:30 PM.

Used Gear Area Rules and Procedures

  • Five Rivers MetroParks and Arrow Adventure ABSOLUTELY reserve the right to limit and/or deny the admittance of any vendors/participants and any such items that are not representative of human powered, non-consumptive, outdoor recreation gear, equipment and apparel.
  • Prohibited items include but are not limited to:
    • Motorized recreational vehicles/equipment — e.g. scooters, all-terrain vehicles, Jet Skis, fishing boats
    • Traditional team sports gear — e.g. basketballs, tennis rackets, soccer balls
    • Golf clubs
    • Folding, locking blade, under 4-inch blade knives permitted
    • Firearms and other weapons
  • Five Rivers MetroParks and Arrow Adventure are not responsible for loss or damage of any items in the Used Gear area.
  • Consignment agreement forms must be filled out by each consignee dropping off items.
  • Arrow Adventure will accept Venmo, PayPal, Credit Cards or cash.  There is no ATM on site.
  • All sales are final. No refunds or returns.
  • Any unclaimed items that were marked as “Sunday pick up” on the intake form will become property of Arrow Adventure and may be kept for consignment or donated to charity.