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DockDogs Big Air

October 7, 2023 @ 12:00 pm

The World’s Premier Canine Aquatics Competition featuring Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve! We welcome new and experienced dogs to participate. Register online at dockdogsevents.com.


11:00 – Onsite Registration/Practice
12:00 – Big Air Wave # 1
1:30 – Big Air Wave # 2
3:00 – Big Air Wave # 3
4:30 – Extreme Vertical
6:00 – Big Air Wave # 4
7:30 – Big Air Wave # 5


10:00 – Onsite Registration/Practice
11:00 – Big Air Wave # 6
1:00 – Speed Retrieve (All in One)
3:30 – Big Air Finals (Pro, Semi Pro, Contender & Amateur Finals)


The Competition

The Handlers Meeting will be called approximately 15 minutes before each wave. At this meeting, the running order will be given out as to which group and number within that group you will be. Depending upon the size of the wave, there could be up to 4 groups with up to 10 in each group. Each group will be run in order with each dog within the group jumping once, getting back in line and then jumping the second time. Generally at the start of the second jump within the group, the announcer will call for the next group to get ready. Please stay attentive to announcements to ensure you do not miss your jump.

Once the wave is complete the results will be posted within 10-15 minutes. Your score will be the best of your two jumps. Awards are given out for each wave within each division.


There are two Finals formats for Big Air Finals: the Divisional format, which most clubs participate in, and the 3-tier National format (which is used for all National events except the Regional and World Championships and is the format Buckeye currently uses).

For Divisional Finals the top six (6) dogs from each division for the event compete. The divisions are Novice (0′ – 9’11”), Junior (10′ – 14’11”), Senior (15′ – 19’11”), Master (20′ – 22’11”), Elite (23′ – 24’11”) and Super Elite (25′ and above).

The 3-tier Finals have three divisions: Amateur, Semi Pro and Pro. The top six (6) dogs up to 17’11” qualify for Amateur; top six (6) from 18′ – 21’11” for Semi Pro; and the top six (6) dogs 22′ and above qualify for the Pro Finals.

Extreme Vertical is run as a wave/finals all in one, as is Speed Retrieve unless there are enough teams competing to hold two heats.

About DockDogs

DockDogs fun jumps, competitions, demonstrations and training sessions are a good way to meet other handlers and learn the tips and techniques of the sport. Our members-only cookouts are family friendly and a great place to swap dog stories. (We’re always looking for locations for these events, and want your suggestions.) And our annual members-only banquet is a blast.

What To Bring
  • Water and bowl: While events may provide water for your dogs, it’s always a good idea to bring your own just in case.
  • Keep in mind that some dogs are particular about the water they drink.
  • Food or snacks for you and your dog; enough said.
  • Dog Crate: If you plan to spend the day, it’s always nice to have a crate so your dog can rest and you can relax or watch the competition.
  • Your Dog’s Favorite Toy: You are more likely to have success if your dog is going after its favorite toy. Keep in mind that toys must be floatable and retrievable and must not be or ever have been alive.
  • Chair: a place for you to relax.
  • Acceptable collar and 4-ft. leash: Only flat buckle collars or material-only martingale style collars are allowed on the dock. Leashes can be no more than 4 feet in length.
  • Poop Bags: All competitors are expected to pick up after their dogs. This cannot be stressed enough, as it can make the difference in a venue inviting DockDogs back. Many events will provide these but always bring your own to be sure.
  • Towels or shammies: It’s important to dry your dog off after it competes, especially in cooler weather. The shammies used for drying your vehicles are an excellent choice as they can easily be wrung out.
  • Dry clothes and shoes for yourself: You never know when you might get wetter than expected.
  • Shade Canopy: These keep the sun and rain off you and your pet.
Registration and Check-In

Register online or onsite.

Pre-Registration Entry Fees
$27.00/ team per Big Air, $27.00/ team per Speed Retrieve wave, $27.00/ team per Extreme Vertical – For Adult $12.00/ team per Big Air, $27.00/team per Speed Retrieve wave, $27.00/ team per Extreme Vertical – For Youth

On-Site Registration Entry Fees
$30.00/ team per Big Air, $30.00/ team per Speed Retrieve wave, $30.00/ team per Extreme Vertical – For Adult $15.00/ team per Big Air, $30.00/ team per Speed Retrieve wave, $30.00/ team per Extreme Vertical – For Youth


October 7, 2023
12:00 pm
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