Dog Activities


We are proud to offer something for everyone, including the family dog! In the last few years at the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience, more and more dog owners have decided to bring their furry friends along for the festival fun.

Things to consider before bringing Fido to a festival:

  • We can’t guarantee that everyone’s dog will be friendly and well socialized dog at the festival, so please don’t assume all dogs want to be petted or are comfortable meeting your dog. Ask first and proceed cautiously.
  • Be aware that blaring speakers, fluttering banners and other loud sounds or abrupt movements might scare your dog. Dogs can get overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds of a festival, so be prepared to leave if your dog shows signs of stress, like excessive panting, cowering, barking, etc.
  • Poo bags and disposal stations can be found throughout the festival, as well as watering areas.

Dogs must be kept on leads when not in off-leash area at Pooch Island dog park and swim area or participating in  DockDogs dock jumping.


Watch all the action as dogs compete in a variety of activities.  For information on entering the DockDogs competition click here.

Pooch Playground Sponsored by Best Breed

Join Zoom Room for doggie activities at the Pooch Playground.

Yappy Hour

Sniff out dog treats during Yappy Hour at the Best Breed booth.

Pooch Parking by Wagtown

Pooch Parking by Wagtown with support by All Paws Inn

Saturday – 11AM – 6PM
Sunday – 11AM -4PM

Try a new outdoor skill or grab some grub, while Wagtown volunteers watch your pup!

Love bringing your pup to the festival, but find there are times when you need both hands free?  Just valet your pup at Wagtown Pooch Parking! Located between the mobile aquarium and used gear at the Pioneer Shelter, you will find friendly, shaded, supervised doggie parking provided by Wagtown staff and volunteers.

Pooch Parking Guidelines

  • pooch must be well-behaved in owner’s absence (both dog and people friendly)
  • pooch must be in good health and have up-to-date vaccinations
  • pooch must be licensed
  • owner must sign release of liability and complete dog valet ticket
  • 60 minute limit
  • ALL dog breeds welcome

Pooch Island Off-Leash Dog Park

Pooch Island Off-Leash Dog Park and Swim Area
Dog lovers who are looking for a more playful experience should check out Off-Leash Pooch Island. This special park is conveniently located next to the festival and offers a place for your pooch to play off-leash. There’s even a doggie swim area in the lagoon near the islands. Pooch Island Dog Park closes at dark during the festival.  Area supported by SICSA.

Off-Leash Pooch Island Dog Park Rules

  • Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience personnel reserve the right to remove any dog that jeopardizes the safety of other dogs or visitors.
  • Dogs must be ON leash when entering and exiting the off-leash park.
  • Dogs are permitted to swim in the designated area ONLY.
  • Dogs must have required local immunizations.
  • Owners are responsible to clean up their dogs’ droppings while at Eastwood MetroPark.
  • Owners must be with dogs at all times while in Pooch Island Dog Park.
  • No food is allowed.

Owners are encouraged to have their dogs spayed or neutered.

Water Bowls

Stay hydrated at water bowls around the event. Water bowls will be located at the Pooch Playground and Pooch Island.

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