Visit the slackline park to try your balance on one of the slacklines, or watch our pro slackliners on the highline or waterline.

Try Slacklining


Visitors will have a chance to test their skills in our temporary slackline park, built just for the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience.  Several lines will be set up low to the ground so you can learn the basics of this emerging sport.

Pro Slackliners

Watch professional slackliners Tlaloc and Davis from Trickline Collective perform on a highline high above the heart of the event and then take their skills to the waterline over the lagoon to “wow” spectators.

Tlaloc Moctezuma Burns – Instagram @tlalocura

Tlaloc is a Mexican-American artist and athlete. His friends keep him around because he is the show! Tlaloc has been slacklining for over 7 years. During this time he has both organized and competed in slackline competitions around the world. Tlaloc has cemented his name into the world of slacklining as a pioneer of highline freestyle (a type of slacklining). When he is not slacklining he is working as an arborist or making his friends laugh by telling a joke that will surely drag on and on and on and on and well… on.


Davis Hermes – Instagram @davis_hermes

Davis Hermes, from Vail CO, has been slacklining nonstop since he was 12. Now 23, has won the most recent and first ever highline freestyle (a discipline of slacklining) world championship and does not plan to slow down anytime soon. Davis sees slacklining as a great analogy to life; stay relaxed and try your hardest. He aims to add to the progression of the sport whether that be through performances which provide exposure to a new audience or through pushing his own limits and showing others what is possible on the line. Recently, he broke the world record for the highest highline walked. The line was 2,300m or 7,600ft above the ground and set up between two hot air balloons. In the winter he works with Vail Ski Patrol and frequently cuddles with his dogs.


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