Outdoor Skills & Safety

Develop your land navigation and safety skills through orienteering activities and other programs designed to help you be prepared for anything when you’re outdoors.

Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM, Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM

Safety can be fun!


Orienteering is a great sport for all ages, offering a variety of levels of physical and mental challenges. The Miami Valley Orienteering Club will be having a “Try Orienteering” activity during the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience, where you can learn the basics of the sport and try a small course yourself. MVOC will provide basic instruction throughout the event. You will get an orienteering map of Eastwood MetroPark along with a set of clues. You will learn how to read and interpret the map symbols and find the control locations. Turn in your answer key and if you get a good score, you’ll get a coupon to one of MVOC’s next events. There will be a $1 charge to cover map printing costs and you must start before 6:30 PM due to sunset.

Get more information about orienteering at mvoclub.org.

Outdoor Skills Classes

From classes in map and compass basics to sessions on knot tying, the programs offered by the  Outdoor School are packed with educational information to help you build your safety skills.

After OutdoorX

Five Rivers MetroParks strives to be a regional leader in outdoor education by offering courses in wilderness first aid, outdoor ethics and land navigation. Visit the Outdoor Skills & Safety section of metroparks.org to learn more about enhancing your safety skills.

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