Backpacking takes you to places where cell phone service stops — wild and undeveloped places, where the only running water comes from a stream. When you leave your vehicle behind, you get access to natural areas you simply can’t see otherwise. At OutdoorX, get tips, gear fittings, safety advice, and other essential wisdom to start your next backpacking adventure.

Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM, Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM

Try backpacking, relax in a hammock, get a pack fitting and more in the Osprey Backcountry Zone.

Do you know what it’s like to hike a long day and sleep soundly under a star-shot sky, far from street lights and car noise? Join a community of kindred backpacking spirits at the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience through a variety of backpacking-related activities.

Learn Skills and Try Backpacking
Want to learn how to throw a bear bag, pack your backpack, set up camp or select the perfect campsite? BoothThroughout the event, Osprey Packs, Princeton Tec, Cascade Designs, Good to Go Meals, ENO, and Great Miami Outfitters staff will host instructional clinics as part of the Backpacker Magazine Outdoor School.  They will also offer visitors a chance to try backpacking.

Self-guided tours of the mock backcountry campsite will be available. At the top of each hour, visitors can join a packfitting and “try” backpacking by carrying a backpack, with a variety of weights to choose from, along the custom Osprey Backpacking Loop. Test the pack on a special half mile hike while filling out the Osprey Quiz sheet and be entered to win a FREE Osprey pack!

The service-oriented staff of Great Miami Outfitters are there to help you learn the skills you need to get on the trail.

Backpacker Magazine Outdoor School Schedule
  • 12:00 PM Backpacker Magazine Clinic
  • 1:00 PM Water Treatment Clinic with MSR
  • 2:00 PM How to Fit and Pack a Pack with Osprey
  • 3:00 PM Sleeping Pad Clinic with Therm-A-Rest
  • 4:00 PM TBD
  • 5:00 PM TBD
  • 6:00 PM Stove Clinic with MSR
  • 7:00 PM TBD
  • 12:00 PM TBD
  • 1:00 PM TBD
  • 2:00 PM How to Fit and Pack a Pack with Osprey
  • 3:00 PM Backpacker Magazine Clinic

How to Fit and Pack your Pack Clinic with Osprey Packs
A proper fitting pack is crucial for the ultimate enjoyment of any extended outdoor adventure. Join the pack experts from Osprey Packs as they explain proper sizing and adjustment of your pack as well as how to pack it for a comfortable carry and efficient access to frequently used items.

Field Gear Repair 101 with Osprey Packs
When in the field, occasionally even the best gear on the planet can experience a blowout. Whether a marmot chews through your pack to get the GORP you left in it or your pack frame cracks after sitting on it – with the basic repair skills taught in this session, you will be prepared to perform a functional repair to keep you on the trail.

Sleeping Pad Clinic with Therm-A-Rest
Come by the Therm-A-Rest Lounge area and relax as we chat about all things sleeping pads and sleep systems. From car camping, to winter expeditions, too fast and light backpacking we will discuss the ins and outs of this critical piece of gear.

Water treatment Clinic with MSR
Come get hydrated with MSR because no one likes Cryptosporidium! We will be chatting about the differences in filter options, how to maintain your filter, and then get your hands wet with this hands on clinic. Bring your own water bottle and try filtering water for yourself.

Stove Clinic with MSR
No one likes eating cold food when you’re out adventuring so come by the MSR booth and learn all about cooking systems and stoves! From liquid fuel to canister systems we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both, how to get the most out of your stove, as well as sharing some of our favorite backcountry meals and much more.

Osprey Packs Backpack Fittings
Find your pack AND your fit in the Osprey Backcountry Zone’s Atmos Anti-Gravity Fit Station. Share good times, talk gear and get fitted by the friendly Osprey Packs event crew.

Princeton Tec Custom Headlamp Build
Build your own custom headlamp at the Princeton Tec on-site assembly booth. Combine dozens of strap, cap, body and light combinations for a unique build that is all your own! Princeton Tec starts with the highest quality LED lights and parts then puts the design in your hands!

Enjoy a Campfire and Hammocks
Chill out around the campfire and test out an alternative way to backpack with the hammock lounge, provided by Great Miami Outfitters.

Learn Backcountry Skills BPFestExp_Logo
Visit the Backpacker Magazine Outdoor School to learn about navigation skills, camp cooking and more. Part of the Backpacker Festival Experience.

After OutdoorX

Five Rivers MetroParks offers diverse opportunities for exploring our region on foot while carrying everything you’ll need on your back. Venture out on the rugged terrain of the 22-mile Twin Valley Trail (TVT) or take a short or long adventure along some of the county’s 20 miles of Buckeye and North Country trails, two long-distance trails that come together through five MetroParks.

Learn more about backpacking in your MetroParks.

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