If in doubt about where to go, just wander!

At the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience you can help organize your day by checking out the Zones. Each Zone on the Website focuses on a different aspect of outdoor recreation.

Bark Zone

Dock Dog jumping

Our furry friends will have plenty to do at the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience. See if your pooch is a big air jumper in the Subaru DockDogs competition or let your furry friend have some play time at the Subaru Pooch Island off-leash dog park and swim area. Stop by the Best Breed booth for Yappy Hour treats and the Pooch Playground for dog activities managed by the Greater Dayton Humane Society.

Let Wagtown volunteers watch your dog in Pooch Parking while you enjoy up to 90 minutes of the event dog free so you can do an activity yourself.
Subaru Logo
This year our event is as dog friendly as ever. Visitors can get active with their dogs as long as they play by a few simple rules:

  • Dogs are welcome, but they must be leashed and under control at all times.
  • Always remember to pick up after your dog!
  • Five Rivers MetroParks reserves the right to ask owners to remove dogs who pose a risk to event visitors or other dogs.


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Pooch Parking by Wagtown

Wagtown Pooch Parking
Saturday – 11AM – 6PM
Sunday – 11AM -4PM

Try a new outdoor skill or grab some grub, while Wagtown volunteers watch your pup!

Love bringing your pup to the festival, but find there are times when you need both hands free?  Just valet your pup at Wagtown Pooch Parking! Located near the bridge to the off leash dog park and Pioneer Shelter, you will find friendly, shaded, supervised doggie parking provided by Wagtown staff and volunteers.

Pooch Parking Guidelines

  • pooch must be well-behaved in owner’s absence (both dog and   people friendly)
  • pooch must be in good health and have up-to-date vaccinations
  • pooch must be licensed
  • owner must sign release of liability and complete dog valet ticket
  • 60 minute limit
  • ALL dog breeds welcome


Subaru Pooch Island Off-Leash Dog Park

Dogs and their humans on Pooch Island

Subaru Pooch Island Off-Subaru LogoLeash Dog Park and Swim Area
Dog lovers who are looking for a more playful experience should check out Subaru Off-Leash Pooch Island. This special park is conveniently located next to the festival and offers a place for your pooch to play off-leash. There’s even a doggie swim area in the lagoon near the islands. Pooch Island Dog Park closes at dark during the festival.  Area supported by SICSA.

Subaru Off-Leash Pooch Island Dog Park Rules

  • Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience personnel reserve the right to remove any dog that jeopardizes the safety of other dogs or visitors.
  • Dogs must be ON leash when entering and exiting the off-leash park.
  • Dogs are permitted to swim in the designated area ONLY.
  • Dogs must have required local immunizations.
  • Owners are responsible to clean up their dogs’ droppings while at Eastwood MetroPark.
  • Owners must be with dogs at all times while in Pooch Island Dog Park.
  • No food is allowed.

Owners are encouraged to have their dogs spayed or neutered.

Bike Village



The Bike Village at Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience will offer guests an opportunity to try all styles of bikes while learning from the country’s leading bike manufacturers, retail shops, race promoters and advocacy organizations. In addition, bike stunt shows take place throughout the weekend.

See scheduled times for the Dialed Action BMX Stunt Team and Chris Clark Bike Stunt Show.

BMX Stunt Bikes

Visit the Batch Bicycles Try Cycling to demo bikes or bring their own and test their skills on a variety of different types of terrain (helmets and signed waivers required). Toddler balance bikes, children’s bikes and various mountain bikes provide options for all interests, ages and ability levels.

The Bike Village is conveniently located near the Mad River Trail, gateway to the “Nation’s Largest Paved Trail Network,” where you can experience more than 340 miles of off-street, connected trails.

Thanks to these fine partners, there are many ways to experience biking at Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience.

Mountain Biking

  • Borrow a bike and test your mountain biking skills on log overs, ramps, bends, elevated treads, skinnies and rock gardens.  Area supported by Bike Miami Valley.

Dayton Cycling Club logoCycling

  • From group rides and demo bikes to balance bikes and Dayton Cycling Club Valet Bike Parking, red carpet treatment is waiting for event guests interested in cycling.

Mad River Mountain Pumptrack

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Bike Village


Campers in campground

Imagine FREE camping at the OutdoorX Campground on the banks of the Eastwood Lagoon under the shade of stately sycamore trees.

Camping at the event is a great way to take in all the action and still have a relaxing “home base.” We have spaces for tent camping, pop up campers and group camping.

Camping registration begins at noon on Friday and lasts throughout the event. Public camping ends Sunday at 4 PM.

All registered campers will receive extra entries for the GearUp Giveaway, featuring Hala.

See these related activities at OutdoorX: Camping

Campground Details


Register at the information tent located inside the main entrance gateway, Friday noon – 7 PM, Saturday 7 AM – 10 PM or Sunday 11 am – 4 PM. Those checking in Friday night after hours can set up and register Saturday morning.

Limited parking is set aside for campers near the campground. Let the parking staff know that you are a camper as you make your way down the park road so you can more easily access the camping area.


Visit the information tent located inside the main entrance gateway to the festival beginning Friday at noon. Those checking in Friday night after 7 PM can set up and register Saturday morning. Friday and Saturday permits are available.

Options for camping at Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience:

(1) Friday Night Only (2) Friday and Saturday Nights (3) Saturday Night Only (checkout is 4 PM on Sunday)

Tent Camping
  • All Campers
    • Quiet hours will apply in the tent camping area.
    • If you wish to socialize, please move conversations to the night owl campfire that will be located outside of the main camping area.
  • Night Owls: For those who like to socialize.
    • A communal fire pit will be available.
    • Loud voices and other noises carry, so please use hushed tones as you celebrate a great weekend.
    • Please be respectful of your camping neighbors.
Pop Up Campers (and small campers)


A limited amount of camper space will be available at the lake entrance of Eastwood MetroPark (1401 Harshman Rd.). Campers must be pop-up in style or less than 15 feet long. No RVs. Camper space is primitive. Restrooms are available, but grey water dumping and electricity are not. Camper trailers can be unhooked and parked at the designated spaces at the lake side of Eastwood MetroPark. The pull vehicle can then be driven to the event (1385 Harshman Rd.).

Biking to the event is another option thanks to a separated path on the new Harshman Rd. bridge that connects both sides of the park.

  • First parking lot only.

Pop Up Camper parking is limited to the first 20 pop up campers. Register at  Information Central when you get to the event.

Group Camping

group camping_photo

  • Additional designated camping spots will be made available for boy scout, girl scout, college and other groups of campers.
  • Scout groups are encouraged to register at to reserve your spot. For more information please contact Miami Valley Council Scout liaison Justin Lawrie at
  • For more information on the event and your scout troop please email
Campground Rules

In addition to standard Five Rivers MetroParks rules and regulations, the following rules must be followed:

  • All campers can set up beginning Friday at noon and must check out Sunday by 4PM.
  • Campers must provide all of their own equipment.
  • Slacklines are welcome in the campground.
  • Hammocks are permitted if suitable trees can be found.
  • A few community fires will be managed by campground staff. Please do not dig additional pits or scarify the land.
  • Food can be cooked on camp stoves or traditional backpacker stoves.
  • Five Rivers MetroParks supports and encourages Leave No Trace Principles.
  • Alcohol must stay within the designated event area and is not permitted in the campgrounds.
  • Restrooms and drinking water access are available, although it is located near main restrooms.
  • Electricity is not available in the campground.
  • Fireworks are not permitted.
  • Five Rivers MetroParks is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.
  • Campers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash, and please dispose of pet waste properly.
  • Remember to be considerate of other visitors. Quiet hours are 10 PM – 8 AM both nights.
  • No glass containers are allowed.

Security will be on site 24-7 for any concerns. You can reach a MetroParks Ranger by calling Montgomery County Dispatch at 937-535-2580.

Fishing Village

man casting

Have you ever wanted to cast a fly rod? Then come to the Fishing Village to learn how. With a 40-foot casting pond and live fish, this new feature to the event will be hard to miss.

Try It!
Thanks to the Miami Valley Fly Fishers, visitors can learn the mechanics of a cast. Veteran anglers and beginners are welcome to test their skills and refine their technique in our casting pond.

Compete It!

If fishing from a boat is your thing, enter the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Challenge.

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Send It! Climbing and Slackline Zone

The Send It! Action Zone will be the full of excitement at Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience. With our climbing wall and slackline park, this is a great place to test your ability or try something new!


Try Climbing! at our Climbing Wall,  supported by Wright State University Outdoor Resource Center.

Try Slackling! on different heights and lengths of slackline in the Try It! area or attend one of the Slackline Workshops.

Watch It! Watch professional slackliners perform high action flips, bounces and twists on the Trickline, or perform aerial maneuvers on the highline over the Beer Garden, or traverse the Waterline, over the Lagoon near the Pioneer Shelter and Pooch parking.

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Slackline Schedule

Check Back Soon for the 2019 Schedule

Saturday, October 6, 2018

11:00 AM – Trickline
12:00 PM – Highline
1:00 PM – Workshop – Slackline Rigging Workshop
1:30 PM – Trickline
2:00 PM -Workshop – Slackline Yoga
2:30 PM – Waterline
3:30 PM – Workshop – Trickline Basics
4:00 PM – Highline
5:00 PM – Trickline
6:00 PM – Workshop – Intro to Slackline
7:00 PM – Highline
8:00 PM – Trickline

Sunday, October 7, 2018

11:00 AM – Trickline
11:30 AM – Highline
12:00 PM – Waterline
1:00 PM – Workshop – Intro to Slackline
1:30 PM – Highline
2:00 PM – Trickline
2:30 PM – Workshop – Slackline Rigging
3:00 PM – Highline
3:30 PM – Trickline

Mad River Run

whitewater demo

The Mad River Run is the place to whitewaterwarehouselogobe for exciting moving water competitions, demonstrations and classes all weekend long. Hang out on the banks and watch the shows or get in on the action yourself. See below for the full lineup of activities and click through for more information.

2019 Mad River Run Schedule

Pro Shows, Competitions & Workshops

Saturday, October 5, 2019

  • 11:00 – Open Boat
  • Noon – Pro Surf Show
  • 1:00 – Try Whitewater! In inflatable kayaks
  • 2:00 – SUP Cross Comp
  • 4:00 – Try Whitewater! In inflatable kayaks
  • 5:00 – Pro Surf Show
  • 6:00 – Open Boat
  • 7:00 – Pro Surf Show

Sunday, October 6, 2019

  • 9:30am – SUP Down river race
  • 11:00 –  Pro Surf Show
  • Noon –  Try Whitewater! In inflatable kayaks
  • 1:00 – SUP Surf Comp
  • 3:00 – Pro Surf Show

kayak_photo_mad river run

Welcome to the Mad River Run. This is the place to see whitewater pro boaters throw down sick tricks, get an idea of how various rivercraft would work for you, see SUP professionals surf the wave and more. Are you a recreational boater? Understand the safety precautions of playing in the wave and how to make the river and in particular this feature, a fun place to play for you.


Floats on the Mad River by Twin Creek Canoe and Kayak

12 PM and 3 PM

12 PM and 2 PM

Paddle the Mad River for FREE! Thanks to the Twin Creek Canoe and Kayak for providing kayaks, paddles and PFDs. Sign up to take a quick, one mile, group float with safety boaters. Spaces are limited. Pre-registration is suggested at the Twin Creek Canoe and KayakInfo Booth next to the event entrance. Check-in at the event Info booth located by the event entrance at least 10 minutes prior to departure time, or your spot may be given away to someone present. Must be 14 years of age or older.

Mad River Run Activity Schedule

Saturday, October 6, 2018

  • 11:00 – Open Boat
  • 12:00 – Pro Surf Show
  • 12:00 – Mad River Kayak Float
  • 1:00 – Try Whitewater! In an inflatable kayak
  • 2:00 – SUP Surf Competition
  • 3:00 – Mad River Kayak Float
  • 4:00 – Try Whitewater! In an inflatable kayak
  • 5:00 – Pro Surf Show
  • 6:00 – Open Boat

Sunday, October 7, 2018

  • 11:00 – Pro Surf Show
  • 12:00 – Try Whitewater! In an inflatable kayak
  • 12:00 – Mad River Kayak Float
  • 1:00 SUP Cross Race
  • 2:00 – Mad River Kayak Float
  • 3:00 – Pro Surf Show

Watch as the professional whitewater boaters throwdown cartwheels, mcleans, pirouettes and more. Pros will be surfing the wave in kayaks and SUP. Bring your own boat to play in the feature between shows or try out one of the Hala Gear demo SUP boards!

Try Whitewater! In inflatable kayaks

Saturday, October 6, 2018
1 PM and 4 PM

Sunday, October 7, 2018
2 PM

Thanks to Whitewater Warehouse for offering this exciting opportunity for beginners to try out the whitewater feature in an inflatable kayak with pro paddler, Bernie Farley as your instructor! Inflatable kayaks are a great beginner vessel for navigating the rapids of the Mad River! Register at the Whitewater Warehouse tent near the Mad River Run.

Osprey Backcountry Zone, Brought To You By Great Miami Outfitters



The Osprey Backcountry Zone, brought to you by Great Miami Osprey_Logo_Bird-Word_2c_rgbOutfitters, your local outdoor outfitter. Great Miami Outfitters has been supplying the Dayton area for 11 years with quality gear and expert advice, rentals and outdoor education.

Great Miami Outfitters Outpost

In the Great Miami Outfitters Outpost you will have the opportunity to:

  • Check out the Osprey Fit Station that will be on site.
    • Professional Pack fittings
    • Osprey representatives on site
    • Show Specials
  • Relax at the Grand Trunk Hammock Lounge
    • Hang out in some Grand Trunk Hammocks and enjoy a camp fire
    • Grand Trunk Representative will be on site to answer questions
    • Show Specials
  • Visit the Yakima Road Warriors
    • Check out all of the racking options to haul your toys where you want to go!
    • Check out Yakima Car Top tents, kayak load assist racks, bike racks and more
    • Show Specials


Hammock Lounge
Great Miami Outfitters Outpost

Have a chance to meet, greet and buy from the manufacturing brand experts themselves. Here you’ll findGreatMiamiOutfitter-Logo many of the brands you love at the Centerville location.

Campfire and Hammock Lounge, brought to you by Great Miami Outfitters

Chill out around the campfire and test out an alternative way to backpack, with the Grand Trunk hammock lounge provided by Great Miami Outfitters. Swing away and imagine this comfortable sleeping equipment on your next backcountry canoeing or camping experience or in the comfort of your own yard.

Great Miami Outfitters staff will be available to answer questions about styles of hammocks and about camping and backpacking with a hammock —they’ll even wake you up if you snooze too long.

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Outdoor School

Are you ready to try something new or hone your outdoor skills in an activity you already enjoy? Professional instructors will offer hands-on clinics in map and compass basics, camp cooking and more!

2018 Schedule Below

Saturday, October  6, 2018

  • 2:00 PM How can you Leave No Trace? with Leave No Trace
  • 3:00 PM Go Green: Eco-Friendly Camping Tips with REDBUDSUDS
  • 4:00 PM Packing a Sea Kayak for Multi-day Trips with Susan Conrad, EXPED Ambassador
  • 5:00 PM Intro to Bike Packing and Cyclo Touring with K&G Bike Center
  • 6:00 PM How to Fit, Pack, and Maintain Your Backpack with Osprey Packs

Sunday, October 7, 2018

  • 12:00 PM Dutch Oven Cooking with The Buckeye Dutch Oven Society
  • 1:00 PM How can you Leave No Trace? with Leave No Trace
  • 2:00 PM Map & Compass Basics with Miami Valley Orienteering Club

See these related activities at OutdoorX: Camping | Backpacking | Outdoor Skills & Safety

Paddling Zone

family in canoe

Try It!
This is your opportunity to test various forms of watercraft. Kayaks and canoes abound on the banks of the Eastwood MetroPark Lagoon!

Watch it!
See pro kayakers do flips and tricks in the Mad River Run.

Compete it!
Enter the Dayton Kayak Fishing Challenge for a chance to win cash and prizes.

Enter the SUP Surf Competition or SUP Cross Race for a chance to take home the trophy and be entered to win a Badfish SUP Board.

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Mad River Mountain Pumptrack

child on pump track

Test your skills on the Mad River Mountain Pumptrack, supported by Mike’s Bike Park. This rolling feature will be a blast!

Riders will practice how to balance and handle their bikes, skateboards and scooters on this flowing course.

pumptrack_bike_photo Pumptrack

Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf Course

Thanks to Innova Discs and Dayton Disc Golf Association, and  Hazy Shade, a temporary public course will be available for play at the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience on Saturday and Sunday. Bring your own disc or borrow a disc at the Dynamic Discs Booth.

Please visit our information tents to sign a Risk and Release waiver, or download and complete a waiver to bring to the festival. Those under 18 years old must have a parent/guardian sign the form.

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Wagner Subaru Village


Peruse the latest and greatest Subaru vehicles on the market. Need Wagner Subaru logotowing capacity and cargo space to get to your next outdoor adventure; look no further than the Subaru Outback. Is outdoor family comfort your thing? Then try out the popular Forester. Get the facts and figures on your next outdoor vehicle from the friendly reliable folks of the 9th oldest Subaru dealer in the country. At the Wagner Subaru Village you can also:

  • Expand your outdoor adventure possibilities; talk to a Thule representative and outfit your car with rack that is right for you.  Accessories will be available for sale.
  • Update your dog tags with their onsite personal engraving machine
  • Check out the Subaru Loves Pets display and see how Subaru and Wagner Subaru are making a difference for our favorite four-legged friends
  • Pick-up fun outdoor swag
  • Redeem your coupon for the Mad River Mountain Tubing Pass, if you were one of the first 50 Subaru drivers to enter the event that day.

Coffee will be conveniently vended in the Wagner Subaru Village.

Youth Adventure Zone

girl on climbing wall

Kids are encouraged to stop by the Youth Adventure Zone to learn more about outdoor adventure and healthy active lifestyles through games and activities. Thanks to several community organizations, a variety of fun programs and demonstrations are available in the Youth Outdoor Schoolslackline_try_photo for all to enjoy! Staff from these organizations will be on hand to monitor activities and to focus on safety, fair play and positive reinforcements.

All youth adventure zone participants must turn in a signed release of liability waiver prior to participating. Those under 18 must have parent/guardians must sign the form. Please visit our information tents to sign a Risk and Release waiver, or download and fill one out for your child to bring to the festival.

See these related activities at OutdoorX: Outdoor Play | Climbing

Huffy Youth Outdoor School

Check Back Soon for the 2019 Schedule

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018

11:30 AM – Endurance Obstacle Course

Xcel Sports Medicine will offer a variety of functional and endurance  based activities which include: vertical testing, jump roping, burpees to box jumps, and the Bosu Basketball challenge.

1:30 PM – Children’s Nature Bingo Hike with Hike it Baby

Each young hiker or parent will receive a Nature Bingo board as we hike try to make a bingo. Those who get a bingo will receive a small prize. For children of all ages, infants and up! All children must be accompanied by an adult. Meets at the Youth Outdoor School.

2:30 PM – Mooooving with Learning Tree Farm

Join Learning Tree Farm for a fun interactive story time.

4 PM – Five Rivers MetroParks

MetroParks Meet animals that you might find in your backyard and learn how to keep them safe and wild!

5 PM – Fire Building Basics with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Learn the basics of building a fire. Including what type and size wood to use, the different methods for starting a fire, and the proper way to light your fire. Includes safety practices!

6:30 PM – Story Time with Mr. Isaac from Dayton Metro Library

Let the folks at Dayton Metro Library lead you an a trail of tales.

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018

12:30 PM – Dayton Metro Library

Let the folks at Dayton Metro Library lead you an a trail of tales.

1:30 PM – Hike it Baby

Get your youngsters out on the trail for a guided hike with other families!

5 PM – Fire Building Basics with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Learn the basics of building a fire. Including what type and size wood to use, the different methods for starting a fire, and the proper way to light your fire. Includes safety practices!


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