Professional Demonstration Teams

Inspirational displays of guts and athleticism by both dogs and humans!

BMX Stunt Bikes
If you need a break from trying all the different outdoor activities at OutdoorX, grab a drink and a bite to eat and head over to one of our amazing professional stunt team shows and demonstrations. Watch as BMX riders, kayakers and dock dogs electrify the crowd with spins, flips, jumps and other jaw dropping, awe-inspiring maneuvers.

Inspired Stunt Shows BMX


2018 Schedule

Saturday 11:00 AM, 1:30 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM

The Inspired Stunt Shows team, led by Pro BMX Rider Kevin Teets, will wow you with entertainment throughout the weekend. Be sure to check out the high flying action as the BMX pros show us some of their amazing skills. Watch as they take to the box and jump, flip, tail whip and Superman across the sky. You won’t want to miss it!

Ride with the Pros Class

Saturday 3:30 PM

Sunday 2:30 PM

  • Bring your own BMX bike and helmet and you can train with the best, during this limited opportunity, audience skills class. Training will include activities such as slalom control course and slow race. Get your start with the pros! Participants must have wristband as proof of signing a waiver to participate.

Freestyle Whitewater Kayakers



Mad River Run Schedule of Pro Shows, Competitions, Clinics, Games, and Workshops.

Visitors can enjoy whitewater freestyle shows and educational demos throughout the day with professional whitewater boaters thanks to Whitewater Warehouse. Come out to the Mad River Run, Dayton’s first whitewater feature, to see if you can spot cartwheels, loops, mcleans, pirouettes and much more! Have your own boat? Between shows, check out the run for yourself!  Demos are only a part of the fun, check out the full lineup of events and competitions.

Pro Boaters

  • Lamar Jackson
  • Shannon Thomas
  • Bernie Farley
Lamar Jackson Bio


Lamar Jackson from Cincinnati has been a fan favorite at OutdoorX for over a decade.

Shannon Thomas Bio

shannon thomas

Shannon Thomas is a local, legendary  standup paddler and river surfer. He spends his time surfing, climbing, backpacking, chasing sunsets, and seeking fun. He is a man of many trades, including designer, innovator, professional athlete, dog dad extraordinaire, and van life boss.


Bernie Farley Bio


Bernie Farley co-owns Dayton paddlesports specialty shop Whitewater Warehouse withBernie and Jeryl_photo Jeryl Yantis.  Bernie has been a driving force in his hometown of Dayton for many years that has seen the paddling community take off including the addition of the Mad River Run and RiverScape River Runs in recent years.  You can find Bernie paddling throughout the rivers of the region when he isn’t on his home water of the Mad River.

Jeff Lenosky Mountain Bike Trials Stunt Show


2018 Schedule.Jeff_photo_2

Show Times: Saturday 12:00 AM, 2:30 PM & 5:00 PM  Sunday 11:00 AM & 1:30 PM

A legend of mountain bike freeriding and trials riding, Lenosky is a veteran Giant rider who travels the country competing and performing demos. A native of New Jersey, he is a pioneer of MTB street and urban riding and he holds the world record for the highest bunny hop on a mountain bike (45.5 inches).

Today Lenosky spends most of his time showing off his skills at group events and also competing in trials, dual stunt and other events such as the Odd Couple MTB/BMX contest at Ray’s MTB Park in Cleveland. In a typical year, he performs more than 150 shows all around the country. In addition to competing and riding, Lenosky helps created, design and construct competitions and courses.

Special Ride with the Pros Class (Saturday 3:30 PM; Sunday 2:30 PM)



water line_slacker_photo

Backflips, front flips, butt bounces, yoga on the line, and more!

Professional slackline athletes are limited only by their imaginations and are sure to get resounding oohs and ahhs from the crowd while balancing and bouncing on a 2-inch trampoline line!


Try your feet at slacklining all weekend in our Try-It Area!

2018 Pro Slackline Demo Schedule

11:00AM – Trickline Demos
12:00PM – Highline Demo
1:00PM – Slackline Rigging Clinic
1:30PM – Trickline
2:00PM – Slackline Yoga Workshop
2:30PM – Waterline Demos
3:30PM – Trickline Workshop
4:00PM – Highline Demo
5:00PM – Trickline Demo
6:00PM – Intro to Slackline Workshop
7:00PM – Highline Demo
8:00PM – Trickline Demo
9:00PM – Trickline Competition


11:00AM – Trickline Demos
11:30AM – Highline Demos
12:00PM – Waterline Demos
1:00PM – Intro to Slackline Workshop
1:30PM – Highline Demos
2:00PM – Trickline Demos
2:30PM – Slackline Rigging Clinic
3:00PM – Highline Demos
3:30PM – Trickline Demos

Back for more action:










Liz Thomas Bio


Liz Thomas

Video Bio

Liz is a skilled slackliner and a well-liz_photo_3rounded performer, adventure athlete, and yoga teacher based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is most commonly found walking a highline, rock climbing, or playing on aerial silks. She also likes to spend her time playing with flow arts such as poi, and hula hoops. Liz has a multitude of talents, but most people will say their favorite thing about Liz is her smile. Her upbeat attitude is infectious, creating a fun and invigorating performance and workshop environment.

liz_photo 2

Mike Madsen Bio

Mike Madsen

Eric Hake
Jeremy Beard Bio


Jeremy Beard

(Appearance Status: Tentative)


Jeremy is an Ohio native that has competed in tricklining but also enjoys waterlining and midlining.


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