Dog Activities

Once again, Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience will feature an exciting array of dog sport demonstrations as well as a one-of-a-kind opportunity for attendees to try activities with their dogs.

Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM and Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM

Dog Activities

We are proud to offer something for everyone, including the family dog! In the last few years at OutdoorX, more and more dog owners have decided to bring their furry friends along for the festival fun.

Here are just a few of the ways furry members of the family can enjoy the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience:

  • Live it up in the Bark Zone by socializing with other dogs and swimming off-leash in the Subaru Pooch Island dog park.
  • Run with humans in the Ruff Run 5K, presented by Runners Plus.
  • Learn to fly like a Subaru Buckeye DockDog.
  • Stay hydrated at water bowls supplied by the city of Dayton water department.
  • Sniff out dog treats scattered throughout the event!
  • Get inspired to learn new tricks by watching show dogs weave through gates, jump obstacles and catch flying objects in the Team Zoom Disc Dogs demo presented by Best Breed Pet Foods.

Dogs must be kept on leads when not in off-leash area at Subaru Pooch Island dog park or participating in DockDog activities.

Friendly, or not? Of course you will want to take only a very friendly and well socialized dog to OutdoorX, and we can’t guarantee that everyone’s dog will be friendly. Don’t assume all dogs want to be pet or are comfortable meeting your dog. Ask first and proceed cautiously.

After OutdoorX

Dogs on leashes are permitted at all MetroParks with the exceptions of Aullwood Garden, Cox Arboretum, the gardens at Wegerzyn Gardens and the farm complexes at Possum Creek and Carriage Hill MetroParks. Leashes may be no longer than 8 feet. Dog droppings must be removed from trails. Please do not bring pets to public programs unless the program specifies that pets are welcome.

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