Professional Demonstration Teams

Inspirational displays of guts and athleticism by both dogs and humans!

BMX Stunt Bikes
If you need a break from trying all the different outdoor activities at OutdoorX, grab a drink and a bite to eat and head over to one of our amazing professional stunt team shows and demonstrations. Watch as BMX riders, kayakers and dock dogs electrify the crowd with spins, flips, jumps and other jaw dropping, awe-inspiring maneuvers.

Inspired Stunt Shows BMX

Show Times: Saturday Noon, 2 PM, 4 PM, 7:30 PM; Sunday 11 AM, 3:30 PM

The Inspired Stunt Shows team, led by Pro BMX Rider Kevin Teets, will wow you with entertainment throughout the weekend. Be sure to check out the high flying action as the BMX pros show us some of their amazing skills. Watch as they take to the box and jump, flip, tail whip and Superman across the sky. You won’t want to miss it!

Special Ride with the Pros Class (Saturday 6 PM; Sunday 1 PM)

  • Bring your own BMX bike and helmet and you can train with the best, during this limited opportunity, audience skills class. Training will include activities such as slalom control course and slow race. Get your start with the pros! Participants must have wristband as proof of signing a waiver to participate.

Freestyle Whitewater Kayakers

Show Times: Saturday 11 AM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM, 8:30 PM; Sunday 11 AM, 3 PM

Visitors can enjoy whitewater freestyle shows and educational demos throughout the day with professional whitewater boaters thanks to Whitewater Warehouse. Come out to the Mad River Run, Dayton’s first whitewater feature, to see if you can spot cartwheels, loops, mcleans, pirouettes and much more! Have your own boat? Between shows, check out the run for yourself! NEW THIS YEAR: demos are only a part of the fun, check out the full lineup of events and competitions.

Pro Boaters

Billy Craig is one of the original four team members of Team Wavesport. Known for his
creativity and style on the water, he placed in numerous freestyle kayaking competitions through
out the country from 1995-2002.

He is also an accomplished river runner with a few first descents under his belt. A leader on the water, there are many advanced and intermediate paddlers that would follow him down anything. Today, with two kids at home Billy doesn’t get out on the water as much as he would like. Thanks to the support of his wife Christina he manages to find time to kayak, skateboard and race cyclocross when time permits.

Lamar Jackson

Erica Mitchell started kayaking when she was twelve years old with her family in Cincinnati. She was mentored by Jeryl Yantis and Bernie Farley of Dayton, OH, who taught her how to roll and read whitewater. Erica began competing in freestyle kayaking at age 16. Two years later she made the US Freestyle Kayaking team. In 2001 she won the Women’s Freestyle Kayaking World Championship in Sort, Spain. Erica, along with the other top females in the Sport at that time (Jamie Simon, Tanya Shuman, and Jamie Cooper to name a few) helped pave the way for women in the sport of whitewater freestyle kayaking.

Today, Erica works as a Registered Nurse in Cincinnati. She is married to Arborist Jay Butcher and has two children Sophia (8) and Rowan (2). Her focus has shifted, and now life is all about the kids. Erica still enjoys recreational paddling and helping others learn about the sport.

Luke Hopkins

Youth Pro Boater

Lily Jackson


Craig Wright Bike Stunt Show

Show Times: Saturday 11 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM; Sunday Noon & 2:30 PM

BikeStuntShow features professional rider Craig Wright and provides unique entertainment sure to get any crowd excited. This mountain bike action show features a type of riding called “trials” and could best be described as bicycle gymnastics or parkour. It requires unbelievable skill and balance on a bicycle.

Craig has been performing since 2010 and is a sponsored rider with more than a decade of riding experience.

Ride with the Pros, Skills Class (Saturday and Sunday: 1 PM)

  • Bring your own mountain bike and helmet and you can train with the best, during this limited opportunity, audience skills class. Learn the bunny hop, front wheel lifts, back wheel lifts, speed, control and more from Craig himself! Participants must have their own equipment and a wristband as proof of signing a waiver to participate.

Team Zoom Disc Dogs presented by Best Breed

OutdoorX-Demos-AgilityDogsShow Times: See Schedule
BestBreed-LogoTeam Zoom will perform high flying disc dog maneuvers, choreographed acrobatic routines and long distance catches throughout the weekend. Wonder how these amazing dogs stay so energized? Perhaps with great all natural pet food like you can find at the Best Breed booth! Watch Team Zoom disc dogs in action between innings of the Dayton Dragons games:


Pro Slacker

Backflips, front flips, butt bounces, oh my! Professional slackline athletes are limited only by their imaginations and are sure to get resounding oohs and ahhs from the crowd while balancing and bouncing on a 2-inch trampoline line!

Try your feet at slacklining all weekend in our Try-It Area!

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